March 2, 2023

Manifest Your Dream Life Reviews USA 2023

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Manifest Your Dream Life Reviews
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Manifest Your Dream Life Reviews USA 2023

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Manifest Your Dream Life Reviews USA 2023

No matter where we are in life there is always a new dream we want to pursue… Life is always expansion! So what do you dream of right now in your life? Do you dream of creating heaven on earth or inventing a free source of energy?

To develop the dream of your heart into an amazing innovative business contributing great value to the world. Maybe you want to become a Best selling writer, life coach or a spiritual healer… A singer, an athlete, stockbroker, lawyer or  doctor… or maybe you just want to travel around the world with a happy smile on your face…

Feeling absolute freedom in your heart.
Many of these amazing dreams and goals we have simply doesn’t come true… and it makes us wonder why? Maybe it’s like John Lennon said:

“Life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans…”

Truth is… It’s tough for your dreams to survive in the real world… To succeed with what we believe in we need TONS of focus & motivation.

The Successful Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said:

”People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”


If there was a way you could just lay down, relax, close your eyes and get all the motivation and inner power you need. Imagine you could reprogram your brain and every cell of your body to start manifesting the life of your dreams.

Imagine if you could change everything….

Make the most out of all your relationships and grow together with your friends loved ones like never before.
Become financially free and live a prosperous life of everlasting expansion and abundance.
Become healthier day by day growing stronger life energy, harmony and inner peace.

To Really Make Your Life Better And Better, You Need All Pieces Of The Puzzle To Fall Into Place.

Manifest Your Dream Life Reviews USA 2023 Here’s the 8 “Life Pillars” of Zenmind Affirmations

Module 1: HEALING
When we heal ourselves we heal the world. In doing this every wish becomes possible. We all have some healing to do. This is very important because with maximum life power available, we will automatically open the door to harmony and endless possibilities in our life. Some of the affirmations in the module are:

  • I have vibrant health and vitality
  • I am healing now deeply and completely
  • I have a strong and healthy immune system
  • Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better
  • When you have completed this module, you will be in total balance feeling restored and recharged
  • In the next module let’s nourish your deeper emotions and personality


Building Your Self-Esteem and Self Belief can be the difference between LONGING and HAVING in your life. We all need to allow the world to see how beautiful and magnificient we truly are. Personal power is vital for cultivating happiness in our lives. Here are some Positive Affirmations included in this module:

  • I believe in my words, my actions and in myself
  • I am powerful. I am worthy. I am lovable. I am free
  • I am beautiful inside and out
  • The Universe supports my every effort
  • With This Module Completed You just can’t wait to share all your unique talents and gifts with the world, being the
  • true genius you are inside your heart. So let’s continue to pave the way for your well deserved success in life

Module 3: SUCCESS

To fully live the life of our dreams we need to succeed in achieving all our goals in life. To do this you need to live 100% from your heart. We must always stay true to ourselves so we can reach the “top of the mountain” in all our endevours. It’s time for you to play “the game of life” and grow and expand beyond your wildest dreams, with these supercharged success affirmations your intentions WILL come true! Some of the affirmations which will work wonders for you are:

  • I am a success
  • Success follows me and I follow success
  • I easily achieve my goals
  • I can be, do or have anything that I want
  • Now when you’ve completed this module, you will have all the “success-power” you need to attract your deepest
  • desires into your life… To totally live the life of your dream you need the flow of abundance and wealth to manifest it for you.


You deserve Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth, so nothing becomes impossible for you. Your freedom is of vital importance in life, and with unlimited wealth, you can choose to do, be and express all you wish for whenever you want to. Manifest all your ideas and visions, and create your unique legacy. Here are 4 of of the Positive Affirmations for wealth in this session:

I live in total wealth and abundance
Wealth flows to and through me through multiple streams of a never ending source
Everything I give is returned to me in greater amounts
I allow myself to be rich
Now when you’ve completed this module, wealth and prosperity will be flowing like never before in your life, so who’s the lucky one you will share your abundance with?


Life is all about relationships. When we have meaningful relations filled with love and truth, nothing can take away our harmony, happiness and neverending personal growth. Miss out on this part of your life, and everything else becomes meaningless. So let’s make sure love, harmony and happiness is the essence of all your relationships in life. This hypnotic brainwave entrainment session includes Positive Affirmations like:

  • I am loved
  • Each day I feel closer to my partner
  • I now have my perfect partner in life
  • I deserve to be loved fully and completely
  • Now when love is in the heart and harmony is in the home after the beautiful session #6… Let’s bring out the full potential of your uniqueness into the world… Which eagerly awaits your true genius to fully blossom


There’s more to life than meets the eye, everything has a deeper meaning. Nothing happens without a reason, so when we open ourselves to destiny we discover our true purpose in life. Nothing can be more important than to live the unique dream in our hearts, we will never feel complete until we follow our true mission in life. Some of the Positive Affirmations you will work with in this meditative session are:

  • I am meant to do great things
  • I follow my heart and create my own destiny
  • I am free to be myself
  • My life’s purpose is manifesting for me perfectly now
  • With completion of the Life Purpose Module, your clarity will be 100% and your true life path will be in your hands. So.. Let´s go even deeper and fly even higher in your bliss:


Our existense is a Divine miracle. Everything we have is given from Divine Grace. Therefore Developing spirituality is the golden key to all good things in life. Always remember without God’s mercy nothing can exist. Some powerful Positive Affirmations for Spiritual Growth are:

  • I give with love and receive with love
  • I am filled with Divine truth
  • The Divine provides me with the perfect answers
  • I am filled with light, love and peace


This session will take deep into the delta frequenzy 1hz, where the healing, bliss and growth hormone abilities of the brain dwell.

This module contains all affirmations from all modules subliminally. It’s an extremely powerful way to supercharge all the other 7 modules and get extra personal power and energy. Use it with all the other modules whenever you need an extra boost of clarity, intuition and laser-targeted focus.

Conclusion Take Your Life To The Next Level Of Health, Wealth And Happiness. You Owe It To Yourself!

With the completion of all 8 Life Pillars (modules) and implementation of this powerful affirmation system in your life, a new dawn will occur. Imagine a life full of tremendous healing and harmony, unwaivering self confidence and self belief. You will manifest success and abundance.

Your relationships will be more fullfilling and you will radiate happiness around you. Each morning you will wake up with the feeling of knowing exactly where you are going and why. Your spiritual power and universal connection will increase day by day, and you will gradually start to experience each moment as heaven on earth.

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